Regional Restrictions
Wish does not permit the sale of products that do not comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Different countries or regions may have different laws, even with regard to the same product. Therefore, merchants are obligated to understand where certain items are not permitted or permitted only under special conditions. Merchants must not enable shipping to a country or region for an item if that item is not permitted in the relevant country or region.

If Wish believes that a listing violates this policy, the listing shall be subject to removal without notice and other penalties.

Below are products that are not eligible for sale within certain shipping countries or regions. Merchants are required to disable shipping in the region where the product is prohibited before publishing the listing on Wish.

Restricted Products By Destination Country:

United States restricts importing the following products:
Below are products that are not eligible for export from certain countries or regions.

Restricted Products By Origin Country:

China strictly prohibits importing or exporting the following products:
  • Taser Guns
  • Imitation Arms

Additional Information:
Violations of this policy may result in penalties of up to $10 USD.
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