Hateful Symbols & Messages
Wish prohibits the sale of Products and/or listings which use language or symbols to promote, glorify, or endorse hatred or violence towards a group of people on the basis of race, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation. Listings found to be in violation of this policy are subject to monetary penalties and/or removal without prior notice.

The following examples are considered to be in violation of this policy:
  • Confederate Flag Items
  • KKK paraphernalia
  • Nazi memorabilia
  • Anti-gay, bullying, and other hate speech
  • Campaigns for racial cleansing
  • Dictator Glorification
  • Terrorist Promotion Groups (ISIS)
  • Kekistan Flag
For more information about hate symbols, please refer to the Anti-Defamation League Hate Symbols Database.

Violations of this policy may result in penalties of up to $10 USD.
Example Listings