Graphic Sexual Content
Wish strictly prohibits product listings with inappropriate content. Merchants must ensure that their listings are appropriate for all audiences. Listings must use images that clearly display the product for sale without the use of gratuitous nudity or obscenity.

Listings found to be in violation of this policy are subject to various repercussions and/or removal without prior notice by Wish. If a merchant is found to violate this policy multiple times, the merchant may be subject to other consequences, including (but not limited to) account suspension or account termination.

Note: Wish ultimately reserves the right to determine whether specific content in a listing on Wish is considered “inappropriate” or not.

Examples of prohibited content includes, but is not limited to the following:
  • Hardcore Pornography
  • Products or listings which promote, allude to, and/or depict sexual engagement with a minor
  • Listings that portray sexual acts and/or other sexually explicit content
  • Listings with sexually suggestive content
  • Listings that contain lewd, obscene, offensive, explicit, or sexually suggestive language
  • Realistic sexual wellness products (including sex dolls or adult toys that are lifelike and/or fleshlike)
  • Listings that contain nudity and/or partial nudity
  • Sexual wellness products where the product is not the primary focus (including censored and blurred imagery)

Example Listings