Counterfeit Currency
Listings that indicate sale of counterfeit currency is prohibited. Listings must comply with the Counterfeit Deterrence Act of 1992 and Wish requirements outlined below. Any play money, prop money, or fake banknotes sold on Wish must abide by the following requirements to avoid penalty or confusing products for attempted counterfeits.

The following are considered to be in violation of this policy:
  • Listings not clearly marked with "reproduction," "replica," or "copy" in both the title and description
  • Listings selling replica or reproduction of banknotes (for currently commercially exchangeable currency) that the general public might mistake for genuine banknotes
  • Products that are double sided
  • Products that are larger than 76% and smaller than 149% the size of the genuine item
  • Listings without a photo of the actual product being sold
  • Play/prop/replica coins
  • Listings aimed at intentionally deceiving a collector
  • Currently commercially exchangeable notes
  • Any replica or reproduction of U.S. currency (i.e. bills or coins), including prop/play/parody money and collectibles
  • Any replica or reproduction of Euro currency (i.e. bills or coins), including prop and play money

Violations of this policy may result in penalties of up to $250 USD per violating product, plus the total order value of all orders generated from the violating product during its lifetime.
Example Listings