Misleading Listing
Listings that intentionally misuse listing elements to misrepresent products and mislead customers are prohibited. The title, description, price, size/color options, and images used to advertise a product should clearly and accurately reflect the product being sold. Listings and/or specific product variation found to be violating this policy are subject to removal and monetary penalties.

The following are considered as violations under this policy:
  • Discrepancies in the title and/or main image
  • Unreasonable price points
  • The use of irrelevant or misleading images
  • When a package size advertised is unavailable for purchase
  • Product variations that use nonsensical or misleading terms in the size/color options
  • Product variations with unjustified size and/or price increments
  • Listings and/or product variations advertising storage devices with false or impossible capacities
  • The sale of storage devices with false or impossible capacities
  • When valid customer feedback indicates the item received is not consistent with a listing
  • If valid customer feedback indicates the expected item was not sent or a fake tracking number was used
  • The product is not the focus of the main image
  • Size misrepresentation in product main image
  • The product variation or quantity offered is nonsensical to a reasonable customer, but merchants do not clearly and consistently disclose or indicate this in the entirety of the listing (across main image, product title, description, size options, and other areas of the product listing)
  • Listings which misrepresent products or set false expectations for customers

Violations of this policy may result in penalties of up to $200 USD, decreased impressions, payment withholding, account suspension, or account termination.
Example Listings