International E-commerce Service offers cross-border e-commerce products including ePacket and e-Courier (featuring online order processing, shipment pick-up/drop-off). CPEL also provides China Post Overseas Warehousing service (Export) and China Post Overseas Buy service (Import) as a one-stop integrated logistics solution to the cross-border e-commerce merchants.

ePacket: an economy International express service operated by China Postal Express&Logistics in cooperation with partner posts to ship cross-border e-commerce light-weight products weighing up to 2kg. ePacket items are injected into the light-weight network of the destination post for local delivery after customs clearance via postal channel, featuring stable end-to-end speed of 7-10 working days and preferential rate.

e-Courier: a commercial solution designed by CPEL for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Customers of e-courier should provide detailed item content description, HS code, content value and weight for commercial customs clearance. End-to-end speed 7-15 working days (no time guarantee service) and competitive rate are enjoyed by users.

China Post Overseas Warehousing service (Export): a flexible economy one-stop cross-border export solution with reliability provided by CPEL to cross-border e-commerce sellers. Shipping performance could be greatly improved by fast local delivery of the goods.

China Post Overseas Buy (Import): an integrated cross-border import solution operated by CPEL to help individual Chinese buyers bring home their goods bought online from the overseas market. CPEL is responsible for the transportation, customs clearance and local delivery of the imported parcels. China Post Overseas Buy features online label printing, electronic customs declaration, online duty paid, one-stop bill of freight as well as full tracking.