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SellTool invested by HongShan Capital is committed to be the best software company of cross-border e-commence tool platform.

SaiTu is the Chinese transliteration of English SellTool .We sincerely hope to help sellers make their large-scale business management easier and simpler by our technology.Currently, there are two versions of SellTool products:Pro and Lite

The position of SellerTool Pro is an order management platform of growing enterprises.In SaaS mode(software is service),helping sellers to make each order more professional and more standard by online system including many aspects, such as : the inventory, purchase, supplier, logistics etc.These functions are all existing in the list of SellerTool Pro.

SellerTool Lite is an order management ERP based on three core processes of order synchronization, single side printing and platform return. SellerTool Lite is more inclined to serve for bud enterprises, providing mature system with full function modules for free charges.Our aim is to help small and medium sized sellers cross IT threshold quickly and become medium or large sellers.

So far, we have jointed more than 1700 logistics ways . The number of registered users is more than 50,000 and managed stores more than 100,000 ,and processing orders is more than 300 million.