How to start an online business

Are you wondering how to start an online business? This is a great time to become a merchant on Wish!
A look at Wish's success


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Global e-commerce was a fast-growing

$3.4 trillion

Mobile app purchases made up


of global e-commerce.
The percentage of e-commerce purchases made via mobile app is expected to grow to

71% by 2024.

Wish is the global leader in mobile e-commerce platforms - 1.8 million items are sold on Wish every day.
Have questions about getting started?
If getting started on a mobile app seems intimidating, or you’re unsure about how to start an online business, never fear – Wish has you covered.
Just create an account and upload your product images and descriptions to get started. Our easy-to-use platform provides immediate access to a customer base of more than 100 million monthly active users.
What can Wish provide for your store?
Your online business will also benefit from Wish’s merchant toolkit, designed to easily manage the more complex aspects of selling online:
It’s simple to promote your products, ensuring that they’ll receive more attention on our mobile app
We’ll help market and advertise your products on Social Media
Our payment system is secure and easy to use
We can assist with your logistics (shipping) setup
Customer service is handled by Wish; no need to address customer concerns