Wish Protects Intellectual Property

Wish has a strict zero-tolerance policy against counterfeit product listings.

Become a partner to combine efforts to keep Wish counterfeit free
How the Brand Owner Partner Program works
  • Submit takedown requests
    Partners can submit take-down requests for product listings that infringe on their intellectual property.
  • Requests are reviewed
    Wish promptly reviews all requests by our partners.
  • Counterfeit listings are removed
    Counterfeit product listings are quickly removed from Wish.
  • Together we keep Wish counterfeit free
    Together we keep the Wish platform free of counterfeit product listings
How to protect your intellectual property
  • Step 1
    Signup to become a partner
  • Step 2
    Submit takedown requests
  • Step 3
    Help keep Wish counterfeit-free