Zero Effort. Zero Risk.
    Sell your products to an expanding global audience. With over 100 million consumers worldwide, Wish helps you sell to an expansive global consumer base you may not currently be reaching.
    Wish shows your products to relevant consumers based on their demographics, purchasing behavior, and wishlists. This allows you to focus on fulfilling orders and providing the best consumer experience.
    Becoming a Wish merchant gives you the opportunity to reach our consumers through Wish and our newly released apps: Geek and Mama. Sell your products directly to consumers who spend over 30 minutes a day browsing on their mobile devices.
    We provide detailed analytics to help you quantify your growth and potential on Wish. We will be here every step of the way to support you in your growth.
How to Make Sales
    You can upload your products to Wish one at a time or in batches using our bulk uploading tools or API.
    After being uploaded and approved, your products will reach millions of relevant users who can view and purchase through their mobile devices.
    Merchants receive instant order notifications. Package your products and ship it out to the consumer quickly to ensure a great customer experience.
  • 4. GET PAID
    Receive payment in regular intervals through one of our three payment partners:, Payoneer, and PayEco.
Merchant Experiences
  • " has exceeded our expectations in terms of ease, growth, scalability, and their customer support team. This is the first e-commerce sales platform we have been really excited about in a long time, and our growth is proving it to be a great choice. Adding products is extremely easy, order management couldn't be easier, and we have now seen month over month growth in both impressions and sales for several consecutive months."
    Owner of Apericots
  • "Since we joined Wish as a merchant in 2013, our sales performance has grown over 100% year over year. It's a mobile commerce era right now and I'm confident that we will perform better especially since Wish is the best mobile commerce platform so far. Moreover, since Wish is a platform that promotes fair competition, I have found that more and more start up sellers have been successful. Wish made everything possible for us and I believe that the success of Wish will definitely help its merchants succeed too."
    CEO of Screamprice
  • "It's been a fantastic experience growing our sales with Wish. We were looking for a way to expand our customer reach past our website. We found Wish and it couldn't have been a better decision to join on. WISH has quickly become an integral part of our business. We've grown our sales with leaps and bounds on the marketplace in just over 1 year. One of the biggest reasons we love Wish is the FANTASTIC, friendly and knowledgeable support!"
    CEO of Crazy Dog T-Shirts
No Risk, High Reward
Signup Fees
Subscription or Promotion Fees
Credit Card or Listing Fees
Flat revenue share for each successful sale
Unlimited product uploads
Promote your business to a global market
Get paid in regular intervals
Unlimited metrics and analytics
On-hand merchant support
Effective Mobile Commerce
100 million global consumers
1+ million daily active consumers
Top 10 apps and 4.5/5 stars on iOS/Android
Wish is the leading mobile commerce app worldwide. Wish creates a relevant, entertaining, and personalized browsing experience for each individual consumer through understanding consumer behavior and preferences. This translates into effective product exposure and better sales conversions for merchants.
Questions and Answers
  • Are there sign up fees?
    Nope! There are absolutely no sign up or listing fees. You can list as many products as you like for an unlimited amount of time without any risks or fees.
  • How do I sign up?
    Just click the "Try for Free" button and fill in your information. Once your information is submitted, your account will be reviewed by our team. Once approved, you will receive a notification to finish setting up your account.
  • How do I get paid?
    After you ship your orders, Wish will pay you in regular intervals through one of our three payment partners:, Payoneer, or PayEco.
  • How do I upload products?
    You can upload your products to Wish one at a time or in batches using our bulk uploading tools or API.
  • How do I promote my store?
    Products are automatically promoted to relevant users and come with no extra charge to the merchant.
  • What kinds of tools are available to me?
    Upon setting up an account, Wish provides merchants with a detailed dashboard of data and graphics that display product sales and viewership.
  • Where does Wish ship to?
    Wish is available in over 60 countries globally. You can choose to ship worldwide or select countries of your choice.
  • How do my products get featured on Geek and Mama?
    We will automatically select and include products from Wish that are relevant to Geek and Mama’s product categories increasing viewership.
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